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Traditional Cribs

Having a baby can be really stressful, and every parent knows that as wonderful as the experience is, it can be trying. That’s especially true financially when you immediately have a new mouth to feed, a new body to clothe and all sorts of other expenses.

Baby furniture may not seem like a huge expense, but once you start buying it you’ll see that it can actually cost quite a bit. In most cases, the prices of pieces of baby furniture are justified though since build quality and safety really matter. You don’t want to skimp when it comes to the health and safety of your child.

That doesn’t mean that you have an endless well of cash to buy baby furniture with. Use these tips to help you get everything you need for your new baby without emptying your savings account.

Buy Used Items

Furniture for a baby isn’t cheap, but sometimes you can get items that cost a little bit less if they’ve been gently used. Some of the best things to buy used are decorations for your baby’s room. The reason you can get these used is that once children outgrow them parents want to recoup any money they can.

Items like decorations also aren’t key to your child’s safety like a crib, so you don’t have to worry about them not being brand new. Toys can also be purchased used if they don’t have lots of moving parts that could have been damaged.

Save Money for Top-Notch Pieces

When it comes to certain items you need for your baby, you really don’t want to count every penny or take something that’s a hand-me-down. While there’s nothing wrong with using some discount items, they aren’t ideal for everything.

One place you really want to save money and buy only a quality item is a traditional crib for your baby. Traditional cribs are going to last for years and years, and when you buy new, you’ll rest comfortably at night knowing your child has the best.

Think about it – how much time will your child spend in their crib? Chances are just about as much as they are out of it, at least for the first couple of years! Make sure you get something of high quality.

If you do, you’ll also be able to re-sell it when your child transitions to different bedding.

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Book Your Condo Today

Condos are becoming a popular choice among today’s travelers. These vacation rentals offer families, couples, and even business travelers the opportunity to enjoy a home away from home feeling that includes amenities similar to those found at the top rated resorts. Best of all, condo rentals can help one save money while vacationing.

The Appeal of Condos

Renting a condo allows one to enjoy many of the conveniences of home. Most have a washer and drier which means you can pack less and do laundry anytime. Full kitchens save time, hassles, and money. Eating three meals a day in restaurants gets pricey, but cooking at least a few of these dinners in a condo will save on the food budget. Families find the extra space to be a huge plus. Relaxing is much easier with several rooms to spread out in when compared to being cramped up in one small space.

Entertainment options abound for the condo renter. One has access to things like bike paths, walking trails, swimming, tennis, movie rentals, and more. The latest technology offerings are included as well with extras such as TV, cable, Wi-Fi, and DVD players.

Private Settings

Many travelers like the idea of being able to come and go without having to walk through a crowded lobby. Condos are often found within communities with restaurants, shopping, and hotel amenities such as pools, fitness centers, and spas nearby.

Condos are available in a variety of sizes to suit any family’s needs. Décor changes from one to another unlike the cookie cutter rooms found in the average hotel. These rental properties are popping up in the most popular tourist spots near theme parks, golf course, and even beaches like the Singer Island Resort and Spa in Palm Beach.

If you’re looking for home-like qualities in your vacation lodging, book your condo today. These rentals are comparable in price to hotel rooms while offering added space, the comforts of home, and resort style amenities. Condos can be found throughout the country at some of the most popular vacation hot spots.

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It is important to take time to relax every once in a while. Stress can be harmful to a person’s body. High levels of stress could cause a weakened immune system and can lead to increased fatigue. Instead of letting stress build up, try to find ways to relax and relieve stress when possible. There are a few ways to avoid becoming overwhelmed before stress takes a toll.

Try to Exercise

Exercise can be a healthy way to relieve stress. Many people often feel better after a workout. A few minutes of stretching or jogging in the morning can provide a boost of energy to get the day started. A fitness class can provide social interaction and a fun way to unwind after work. Along with relieving high levels of stress, exercise also has other health benefits. Incorporating regular exercise into a routine can be difficult, but it is often worthwhile.

Spa Days Can Bring Peace

If exercise is not a preferable solution, then a spa day might be a better way to find relax. Consider devoting a day to gaining freedom from the pressures of daily life. Spending some time at a spa that offers a variety of massages can lead to a peaceful feeling. Specialty massages use techniques that can soothe tired muscles. Some spas have steam showers that can also provide relaxation. These services offer a chance to escape daily routines and indulge in being pampered.

Consider Taking a Trip

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to plan a vacation. Planning a vacation can be a fun experience, and looking forward to the trip can be exciting. There are many possible destinations that can provide the chance to relax and enjoy a variety of entertainment. For example, Vegas offers a variety of live performances and shopping selections. Orlando has a variety of theme parks to choose from. Companies like Blue Green Resorts offer many destinations to choose from. A vacation can be a chance to completely forget about worries and responsibilities.

Companies often offer vacation time to employees because they recognize the benefits that a vacation can bring. A chance to take a break from a routine can result in feelings of peace and refreshment. Focus on making small changes in daily activities that can decrease stress, and be sure to take vacations when possible to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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We are proud to present to you my son’s 3rd Term grades. :)


Who wouldn’t be happy with these grades?

Ashely ‘s grade when high from his average of 92.00 last 2nd term to 93.68. We are also pleased with his adviser’s comment:

He is very descriptive, curious and imaginative.
He can relate his experiences to current lessons which make him easier to learn and comprehend.

We are so proud of you Kuya and we love you very much.

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Wedding Band Replacement

I would love to own some of these platinum wedding bands.


Not that I want to get married again but I just wish my husband would buy these for us as replacement for our missing wedding rings. Yes, you read that right, our wedding rings went missing a few days ago. I don’t exactly recall how they went missing, I just realized that I wasn’t wearing mine as well as his. We usually wear them of each night before we sleep but it was late when I realize that we forgot to wear them the morning we went out for work.

Oh well, I hope my husband will have the time to read this and approve my request. :)

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