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It is important to take time to relax every once in a while. Stress can be harmful to a person’s body. High levels of stress could cause a weakened immune system and can lead to increased fatigue. Instead of letting stress build up, try to find ways to relax and relieve stress when possible. There are a few ways to avoid becoming overwhelmed before stress takes a toll.

Try to Exercise

Exercise can be a healthy way to relieve stress. Many people often feel better after a workout. A few minutes of stretching or jogging in the morning can provide a boost of energy to get the day started. A fitness class can provide social interaction and a fun way to unwind after work. Along with relieving high levels of stress, exercise also has other health benefits. Incorporating regular exercise into a routine can be difficult, but it is often worthwhile.

Spa Days Can Bring Peace

If exercise is not a preferable solution, then a spa day might be a better way to find relax. Consider devoting a day to gaining freedom from the pressures of daily life. Spending some time at a spa that offers a variety of massages can lead to a peaceful feeling. Specialty massages use techniques that can soothe tired muscles. Some spas have steam showers that can also provide relaxation. These services offer a chance to escape daily routines and indulge in being pampered.

Consider Taking a Trip

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to plan a vacation. Planning a vacation can be a fun experience, and looking forward to the trip can be exciting. There are many possible destinations that can provide the chance to relax and enjoy a variety of entertainment. For example, Vegas offers a variety of live performances and shopping selections. Orlando has a variety of theme parks to choose from. Companies like Blue Green Resorts offer many destinations to choose from. A vacation can be a chance to completely forget about worries and responsibilities.

Companies often offer vacation time to employees because they recognize the benefits that a vacation can bring. A chance to take a break from a routine can result in feelings of peace and refreshment. Focus on making small changes in daily activities that can decrease stress, and be sure to take vacations when possible to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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We are proud to present to you my son’s 3rd Term grades. :)


Who wouldn’t be happy with these grades?

Ashely ‘s grade when high from his average of 92.00 last 2nd term to 93.68. We are also pleased with his adviser’s comment:

He is very descriptive, curious and imaginative.
He can relate his experiences to current lessons which make him easier to learn and comprehend.

We are so proud of you Kuya and we love you very much.

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Wedding Band Replacement

I would love to own some of these platinum wedding bands.


Not that I want to get married again but I just wish my husband would buy these for us as replacement for our missing wedding rings. Yes, you read that right, our wedding rings went missing a few days ago. I don’t exactly recall how they went missing, I just realized that I wasn’t wearing mine as well as his. We usually wear them of each night before we sleep but it was late when I realize that we forgot to wear them the morning we went out for work.

Oh well, I hope my husband will have the time to read this and approve my request. :)

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I was browsing the internet searching for posatex that my uncle needs for his pet when I suddenly saw a collage photo of my cousin Lisa.


I never thought they were leaving to Australia that evening. Her husband has been working as an engineer at Anchor Australia since 2013 and it was a blessing that his petition to bring his whole family in Australia was granted.

Congratulations Ate Lisa and Kuya Erwin!

Wishing you all the best in life! Be a happy Aussie. :)

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Expired Domain

While browsing this website for some fabulous hardware, I thought of checking out my blogs and thought of updating them this night. When I opened my 8 years old website I was shocked and weakened that my domain has expired yesterday.

Its renewal slipped my mind because I’ve been offline for a few days now. My worst dilemma now is that my PayPal is zero balance. Good thing, a friend of mine is kind enough to help me look for someone who was has enough funds to renew my domain. Hopefully, good news will come to me tomorrow morning and solve my problem. I really want to dispose some of my domains right now and just concentrate on those I website I love most and the expired domain I was talking was unfortunately one of my priciest possession earned from more than 8 years of blogging. :(

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