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Close combat always requires dependable equipment to reduce chances of serious bodily injury. Assault gear is meant to maximize standard issued military gear for soliders on the battlefield. Chest rigs offer an extra advantage that helps to lessen the load being carried on the upper torso. They are designed to quickly disconnect and to feel like part of the body armor, which doesn’t interfere with mobility. Chest rigs carry vital equipment, such as radios, ammo and smoke grenades. They can also be hidden under clothing. Tactical belts are durable to withstand conditions during combat. The extra wide belts are padded to add comfort and also distribute weight evenly around the waist to reduce back strain. Tactical belts hold other essential items, including ammo and water. Knee and elbow pads are the perfect accessory for day-to-day use. Long pads extend from the knee to the shin to protect against debris. Heavy-duty caps cover knees and absord shock while staying securely in place. Knee pads can be worn inside or outside of clothing. Elbow pads create an advantage during a mission by preventing injury due to various terrains. Scratches are avoided and crawling is made easier. Elbow pads also protect against knife blades and sharp rocks.

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Molle pouches, used primarily by the US Army, provide an essential function by attaching to vests in multiple configurations. Pouches come in various sizes and complete an outfit used in the field while training or during combat missions. Different colors aide in blending into the environment for additional concealment. Pouches provide an advantage by transporting necessary supplies, such as ammo and extra water. The different sizes provide an endless array of choices for tactical and personal needs. Pouches are secured around the vest in different areas putting the most important items within reach for quick access. Some designs have soft dividers that do not scratch camera lenses. Heavy gage zippers keep supplies in place and keep maps secure and dry. All pouches are made of ruggard material and are the best military tool to reduce load on a vest and to withstand the harsh outdoors elements.

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