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I am currently searching for some sweet sixteen party themes for my niece Janice. She is my cousin’s first born and only daughter that is why her party will be a big one. She is also one of my favorite niece which explains why I am making the effort to make his sixteenth birthday a memorable one.

At first, her parents planned that they will give her a big birthday bash on her eighteenth birthday but they suddenly realized that at that time they might be living in another country where her dad is. Meaning they will have few people to celebrate her birthday then. This year will be a the best year to celebrate where everybody they love will be present on her special day.

This explains why we are doing everything right now to make everything perfect. Well, I really want to thank God for the internet for it is really making our lives easier and for my niece to achieve the best birthday party ever. But of course  I cannot rely on the world wide web alone, I also accept some suggestions as well. So if anyone here know a great birthday party theme please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you in advance! :)

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