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I love weekends!

Not only do I have a day off the office but also because I have the whole day to bond with my family. Being a working mom is not that easy, sometimes there are sacrifices that one must make to continue working. One of my biggest sacrifices I had is not spending enough time with my kids. Whenever I go home from the office my kids are usually asleep and when I wake up every morning I usually on the rush prepping up for work.

That is why I decided to make my day off (Sunday) as our family day. We spent most of our Sundays being together inside the house eating together and watching movies. Honestly, we are not really in one place when watching tv. My kids are still young which that is why you cannot put them on place while watching your favorite movie flick. To settle them down I usually prepare foods that they really love, one of which is popcorn!That explains why I have some popcorn supplies on my kitchen because I consider them as my greatest aid in taming my children every bonding moment. :)

How about you moms? What do you usually do to bond with your family?

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