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The anti-bottle of the new age

In our new eco-friendly and health geared environment, water has become a growing trend in the consumer market. It is something the body needs and completely natural. Everyone wants to drink water and preferably bottled water. Bottled water is sold in plastic bottles which create a waste issue. The estimated 200 billion bottles of water that are drunk on average every year, is staggering. Some of those will get recycled, costing millions in recycling costs. Some will skip the recycling process and get thrown away, where they fill up landfills because they don’t disintegrate.

The consumers are rapidly becoming aware that as much as we need to consume water buying disposable water bottles is not the answer. So the growing trend is leaning towards reusable bottles. Most of these reusable water bottles are plastic bottles that take up a lot of room. Most of these bottles are simple containers that hold water. Many of these reusable water bottles also make the water taste funny especially after reusing them for a while. They were not made with style, there was no technique used in their creation, and there was nothing extra added to ensure the quality of water regardless of where you get it.

These bulky containers devoid of any real design have been reinvented. Vapur has created a new age foldable water bottle to fit everyone’s needs and styles. They have invented a new trend with their high tech savvy water bottle. They have invented a water bottle that is easy to store when empty, comes in many colors and is available in different designs. It is made from soft, BPA free polypropylene and nylon, dishwasher safe, and has no distracting smell associated with it. It is perfect for the athlete, eco-friendly, and children as well. They left no one out in the process of reinventing the water bottle. Check out their site to find out more information on their different types of anti-bottles.

They didn’t stop at designing at looks either. The function of the water bottle is as important to them as it is to the consumer. Creating a container to hold water was only part on the reinvention. They created a filter to ensure that the best tasting water is always available. There have been trust issues plaguing the general population and the cities water systems. Many people have concerns about drinking water that may have things in it they don’t feel comfortable drinking and they don’t like the taste of most tap water. So filters have become a strong accessory to any great water bottle. So they have created a water bottle with filter to meet the growing demand just click here for more info.

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