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When it comes to doing road work, working as a crossing guard or doing a job in hazardous working conditions, having the right type of protective gear is as important as making sure your gear is highly reflective. With the right safety gear, split second decisions can be matters of life or death and making sure you have the right gear is very important. Whether it is getting a safety vest from or from a local store, the best thing is to understand why having a safety vest is important. For those who work in hazardous environments, they already understand the importance of having reflective gear. From working as a police officer directing traffic in bad weather to those working around heavy machinery, a reflective vest is sometimes the only thing that lets others know where you are when lighting is poor and weather is extreme. Also, safety vests offer protection from rain and excessive heat. Thanks to the ANSI Safety Standards set for safety vests, the mesh used to construct the vests allows for the gear to wick away moisture in hot weather and protect the skin during harsher elements like rain, sleet and snow. The most important element of safety vests has to be the reflective strips. The strips are designed to shine brightly during the day while being highly visible at night in the headlights of vehicles. Whether used in severe weather, the darkness of night or in conditions where visibility is low, having the right gear can be the right decision to save your live and the lives of others.

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