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What Filter You Use on Instagram Says More about You Than You Ever Imagined?

With over 100 million active users posting over 40 million photos every day, Instagram continues to be a massive success. Instagram has proved that people love to take and share photographs, of a huge array of different images.  However, surprisingly it is the filter that you use not the image that will say so much about your personality.

The moment you capture the image, you begin to tell a story, by engaging people and sharing your thought process. There are numerous different filters that you can use on Instagram, which will transform the look and feel of the image. These will ensure that your photo of a hamburger or a leaf is transformed into works of art.

The most popular option remains the “no filter needed” option, which is typically used by either the amateur or the professional. This is believed to be due to the number of people that have no idea how to use their Smartphones, or professional photographers who believe their photos need no enhancement.

Strangely the people who use Instagram to its full potential, are the users that receive unsavoury titles, such as the lazy artist and the cold hearted. There are numerous other filter titles, and some you may receive for your efforts. Regardless of why or how you use Instagram, it remains the leading photo sharing platform for millions to enjoy.

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What your Instagram Filter Says about You! – An infographichosted by (but not designed by) by the team at FollowersBoost

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