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Fun Flasks For You at CityLocs! has great choices when it comes to custom flasks. There are customized drinking flasks, flasks with “east side”, “south side”, and “west side”, and flasks with the name of cities such as “Los Angeles”. Primarily a shades, wallets, jewelry, and mug merchant, CityLocs will surprise people with their wide assortment of flask selection as well. Here is a random sampling of just some of the flasks that CityLocs has to offer the discerning consumer :

 photo wine_zpsbf45cae9.jpg

1. Name Customized Flask.

The example they have shown is entitled “Garcia’s City Locs Whiskey” and is so named because it has been customized for the last name of Garcia. The customization allows for last names with several characters. For example, the flask could have “Smith’s Whiskey”, “Chandler’s Whiskey”, “Alexander’s Whiskey” or “Jones’ Whiskey”. Be creative with your customized flask. They can be used to pay homage to a hero, honor a special individual in your life, or even use as a great gift idea.

2. City Flasks.

Show off your loyalty with the City Flask they offer that has the “Los Angeles” logo emblazoned upon it. Made in an elegant, cursive style of font, this city flask has a white background for the characters and has a black color like all of the flasks sold by CityLocs.

3. Pictorial Flasks.

CityLocs also offers Flasks that have certain designs upon them, such as a pictorial of a well-drawn skeleton example. The skeleton sports a Brim Shield Logo and a white top and a black backgroup once again.

4. “Side” flasks are popular as well. The “side flasks” offer designs such as “East Side”, “West Side”, “North Side”, or even a “South Side” design. These flasks can help you feel stylish and impress your friends with their knowledge of things on the street.


Although primarily touching upon the manufacture of sunglasses, hopefully this piece will outline just all that CityLocs has to offer the discerning consumer. Besides sunglasses and flasks, they sell a wide variety of bandanas, wallets, money clips, jewelry and cell phone cases in order to protect your machine from the mud. See more locs sunglasses

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